General Korean Program

It is designed for listening and speaking Korean, which are necessary for everyday living in Korea, traveling to Korea, etc.
Reading and writing are also carried out for the accuracy of grammar that the learners will use. It is divided into twelve levels.


Run Time


Num of sessions


Upon completion of each level


Beginner 1

This is designed for learners who are learning Korean for the first time and has zero knowledge of the language. Here, students learn the Korean alphabet, basic greetings, introductions, and basic communication necessary for their travel to Korea.

Beginner 2

This is designed for learners who have already learned the basic sentence structure of the Korean language. In this level, students will learn how to describe daily life using basic grammar, talk about schedules, ask and answer questions about how long/often and locations.


Elementary 1-1

Using the basic grammar learned in the beginner course, students at this level will learn more diverse grammar that will help them talk about locations and direction. It will also help learners describe more about their surroundings.

Elementary 1-2

Following Elementary 1-1, this level is designed to help students learn and use more diversified grammar structure in wider social situations such as booking transportation or hotels and using the post office in Korea.

Elementary 2-1

Essential Korean expressions and grammar structure used in other social situations will be tackled in this level. Compared to Elementary 1, this level is designed to learn more complex and difficult functions.

Elementary 2-2

This level will particularly help learners learn the basic manners necessary when talking to Korean company or clients.

Elementary 3-1

Beyond basic grammar, this level will help students learn various expressions and learn the correct grammar when one wants to express feelings. It is also designed to help students learn higher level of Korean expressions such as informal speech, admiration and written language.

Elementary 3-2

As a continuing step of Elementary 3-1, this level will go one step further from basic Korean expressions and teach students express themselves in more complex and abstract situations. Students will learn how to give indirect speeches, guess and contradict.

Elementary 4-1

Elementary 4-1 is an in-depth step to learn the higher-level expressions earned from the previous level. It is particularly designed for the students to learn how to use expressions of regret, concession and hope. At this point, students are expected to express their opinions in Korean.

Elementary 4-2

As students already learned how to express their opinion and arguments in the past levels, Elementary 4-2 will be the learners’ first step to express concepts of tradition, society and culture.


Intermediate 1-1

Beyond the basic expressions used in daily life, Intermediate 1-1 will teach vocabulary, grammar and expressions that will help students in expressing more complex emotions and situations. It is designed to read and understand various texts such as advertisement, notices and articles that can be encountered in daily life.

Intermediate 1-2

This level is designed to express opinions in social life/situations. Students will also learn how to understand various literary works such as poetry, essays and novels.

Intermediate 2-1

At this point, students are more expressive of their opinions and are more grammatically knowledgeable; therefore, Intermediate 2-1 will introduce to them relatively simple social topics and express their opinions about them. This level is designed for them to learn and practice vocabulary such as onomatopoeia and proverbs.

Intermediate 2-2

From the vocabulary, grammar, and expression learned in the previous levels, students at Intermediate 2-2 will learn essential Korean vocabulary and expressions that can be used in extended work life. In addition, it is designed to understand the workplace culture such as honorifics, titles, and interpersonal relationship at work.


Advanced 1

This level is designed for students to practice expressions necessary in solving urgent situations or problems. This will also help students learn more complex vocabulary, grammar, and expressions that will be useful in logically expressing their thoughts and arguments in discussions.

Advanced 2

Advanced 2 is practically designed for students to read and understand social and abstract topics. This is also intended for students to write texts in several logical paragraphs about some given topics.