Business Korean

more appropriate and business-like manner

This program provides context-oriented Korean language classes for people who are affiliated to Korean companies or businesses, whether they are employees and executives of Korean companies or clients of Korean companies. This curriculum will help students communicate in Korean in a more appropriate and business-like manner.

specific and practical Korean

The Business Korean language program of Jung’s Korean Classroom is designed to help students learn
specific and practical Korean, such as the process of actually finding a Korean company, the proper use of Korean language in situations where there is a high possibility of being in the company, etiquette within
the Korean company, ways to express their opinions without conflict or discord with Korean bosses or
colleagues, and writing emails in Korean.

  • A total of 24 sessions will be divided into three semesters.
  • If you sign up for three semesters as a package, you’ll get a 20% discount.
  • Students who have taken at least Elementary 4 or higher classes in our academy can apply, and first-time registrants can apply depending on their results after the level test.
  • If you want a special purpose Korean class, please contact our academy. We will design customized teaching materials after consultation.
  • If you want a one-on-one class, please contact our academy staff.