EPS-TOPIK Preparation

What is EPS-TOPIK?

EPS-TOPIK is a test conducted to measure the Korean language ability of foreigners seeking employment in industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, fisheries and livestock industries in Korea, and to increase their understanding of Korean culture and adapt to the life in Korea.

Practical training by experienced instructors

Our academy’s EPS-TOPIK program teaches classes based on textbooks published by the Human Resources Development Service of Korea. Starting from the basics, an instructor with experience in EPS-TOPIK will give lectures to help students achieve the test scores required by the actual Korean EPS system.

  • Our academy’s EPS-TOPIK class uses the official EPS-TOPIK textbook.
  • All first-time registrants with the exception of beginners must take a level test.
  • Please check our bulletin board of this homepage for the Test schedule.
  • Students may take as much time as required to complete the program.