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Hangeul 5-1

A Hangeul syllable is made of a consonant and a vowel, and also can be made by adding one more consonant below the vowel. The added consonant is called “batchim.’ How to write a letter with a ‘batchim’ and without a ‘batchim’ are shown below.

Korean consonants are pronounced in 7 representative sounds when they are located at the end of a syllable as a ‘batchim.’ For example, in syllables such as ‘박’, ‘밬’, ‘밖’ which have 'ㄱ’, ‘ㅋ’, ‘ㄲ’ as their ‘batchims,’ respectively all the ‘batchims’ will be pronounced as the representative sound ‘ㄱ’ and therefore, the three syllables will be pronounced as the same sound [박]. And ‘ㅇ’, which has no sound value as the initial sound, is pronounced as [ŋ] as a “batchim.’