• –  Registration is only accepted during the given registration period, which is indicated in our pages and our advertisements.

  • –  Students are considered ENROLLED in our online classes once the tuition is fully-paid.



  • –  Students should be online 5-10 minutes prior the start of the lesson. 3 late will be considered 1 absent.

  • –  A student who is absent for any personal reason cannot receive make-up lessons or refund.

  • –  A recording of the class will always be available after the end of the session which students can

    view in case of absence from the class. But you are required to inform the teacher via his/her email or Skype room of your absence and state your reason for being absent, then ask for a recording of the class. However, it is STRICTLY PROHIBITED TO REDISTRIBUTE AND/OR SELL the videos to any third party. The recorded files are only for personal ownership and must not be shared or sold to others. Students caught sharing/distributing/selling the videos will be held liable for these actions.

  • –  Students can only use ONE ID and no one else can participate in the class except for the enrolled student.

  • –  Only the enrolled student can be in the class. No guests are allowed to study in the student’s stead.


Issuance of Certificate

  • –  No certificate is given when a student misses three or more classes.

  • –  No certificate is given when a student gets a “FAIL” mark in the final test.


Final Exam

  • –  A student may choose to take the final exam or not; however, in the event that the student does not take the final exam, he/she will automatically not receive a certificate.

  • –  The passing rate in the final exam is a total average of 70% in order to get a certificate; however, in the event that the student gets lower than 70%, he/she will still be allowed to enroll for the next level provided a self-review is done before the new term starts.

Bundle Package

  • –  Students who avail the bundle package may be allowed to take a leave from the class for 2 terms at most. Not returning to class after two terms will lead to the forfeiture of the remaining paid classes.



  • –  Bundle classes are considered much cheaper than that of the regular classes and the academy accepts students who avail the bundle package with the thought that they enrolled to actually finish the whole 4, 6, or 8 levels and not withdraw and refund in the middle.

  • –  With this said, a student who availed the bundle package cannot receive the full tuition fee of the classes/levels that were not taken.

  • –  Only 60% of the remaining tuition fee will be refunded to the student if he/she refunds the remaining 3 levels a week before the next level starts. Only the fee for the 2 levels minus 40% will be refunded if the student asked for a refund after the class has started.

  • –  Only 50% of the remaining tuition fee will be refunded to the student if he/she refunds the remaining 2 levels. Only the fee for one level minus 50% will be refunded if the class has already started.

  • –  No refund will be given if you drop out from the classes.

  • –  No refund will be given if the classes are suspended due to uncontrolled natural disasters or infectious diseases; instead, the school will give other means of having the classes – make up classes or class extension.

  • –  No refund is to be given if the student takes a rest for 2 terms and asks for a refund after the leave.

  • –  Dropping out from the class that has already started and opting to take it in the following term will not be allowed. Once the class has already started, the fee for one term will be deducted and won’t be carried over to the next term.



  • –  Students will be given copies of the PDF files of the textbooks and handouts. These files shouldn’t be reproduced.

  • –  Students of Jung’s Korean Classroom agree not to copy or sell the learning materials used in the class outside other than those of this school.

  • –  Contents or photos of the learning materials used must not be posted on SNS, websites or blogs as it breaches the school’s privacy.



This is to certify that I have read and understood the contents and I agree to abide by the rules and regulations set by Jung’s Korean Classroom as herein stipulated.


Student’s Signature Over Printed Name